Embrace the Cliché

photo by Camdiluv ♥ AmmyLynn

If you love something, set it free. Love conquers all. Love hurts. You don’t know what you got till it’s gone. The mystery of why clichés exist is unveiled in the strangest ways. And often times what we once thought was a useless phrase becomes a real life lesson.

New Beginnings

I was upset to be in a new place. Florida was Dad’s new assignment, and our third house we had lived in in three years. I was not prepared for the transition from Virginia coldness to Florida warmth and sunshine. For the first time, I was the kid with a map of the school, getting lost in the middle of the school year. Virginia had been home, and I was angry at my parents for making me start over. I had to make a new start in a new place.

One Sunday in April, Mom and Dad decided they wanted to look for a church to attend. The first church we attended, Joy Fellowship, was the church we stayed at and eventually became a home to me. It was a small church, two separate buildings that looked like houses. The parking lot was all grass. Inside, there were no pews but rows of chairs instead. On this particular Sunday, my world was about change. During the meet and greet, I turned around to greet the people sitting behind me. That’s when I saw him for the first time.

His brown hair covered the top quarter of his ears. He was tall and very handsome. He was wearing a tan t-shirt and blue jeans. I admit I it wasn’t love at first sight because I am the kind of person who gets to know someone before I love them. I remember shaking his hand and introducing myself. “Hi, I’m Vicki.”

“I’m Mat,” he simply said. I smiled and turned back around and concentrated on the rest of the service. Over the next few months we would become the best of friends.

In October, I asked him to my Homecoming dance. I was surprised that he even went! Mathew had a girlfriend, and I respected that. I wanted him to come as a friend. I eventually found out that he never told his girlfriend about going to the dance with me. It was at this point that I knew I really liked him, but I did not want to ruin anything between Mat and his girlfriend. So I did the sensible thing; I kept it to myself.

….to be continued!!


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  1. Yesy
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 12:04:56

    AWWW! This sounds like a cheesy plot for a romance novel, I love it! 🙂


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