Embrace the Cliche Part V

Photo by Camp LejeuneSecond Chances

After breaking it off with Mat, I was sad for weeks. I knew I did the best thing for me, but I never got to see his reaction. I got a response on my MySpace saying, ‘I was expecting this to come sooner or later. I had a great time with you and wish you all of the best. Mat.’

I hated myself for ending it the way I had. That was in August 2007. After a year and half together, we were over.

Three months later, in November 2007, I started going out with a guy friend who for the longest time had begged me to go out with him. I was skeptical at first because I thought Mat would hate me for moving on to this new guy.

I was wrong, yet again.

In January 2008 Mat was still in Iraq, and we reconnected and started messaging on MySpace. The conversations started out really short but got longer every time he replied. I was starting to miss him, but I was with someone new and was happy.

Dixon, the new boyfriend, and I were doing really great until the end of April 2008. We called it quits after dating only a few months.

Tuesday, June 2, 2008, I was on MySpace, and I saw that Mathew was online at the same time. I was really excited because he was never on the same time as I was because of the time difference.

We started chatting, and he said he couldn’t sleep and went to the computers to mess around. “So when do you get to come home for a visit?” I asked him.

“I don’t get my two weeks of leave until August or September,” he said. My heart sank. I was going to be starting college in August.

The next night I went to youth group. The youth house was a renovated house with a café style kitchen, a bathroom and poolroom. Outside were a porch and a sand volleyball court that had just been put in. I was sitting on a barstool with my friend James, chatting before the lesson started, and the front door to the house opened. I was still talking to James while a huge smile formed across his face.

“What?” I asked. I turned to the door and saw Mathew’s brother Paul walking through the door, and behind him came Mathew.

I scrambled off my bar stool and ran to Mathew and threw myself into his arms. My feet weren’t even touching the ground. The night before he had told me he couldn’t be home for another few months, and here he was standing in front of me.

“Surprise!” he said, laughing.

It was the best surprise that I had ever had. Mathew was home, but I was confused as to why he chose now for his leave. He came over to my house the next day and we sat in my room and talked.

He explained he came home for my graduation because it seemed like the perfect time to come home. He also said he missed me and wanted to be there when I walked.

He still cared! He would not have come home if he didn’t care!

We talked about us. I wanted to know if there were any chances of us ever getting back together. I missed him. He said that he needed time to think about it. He wanted to be sure this time and did not want to rush into something that would end in disaster.

I couldn’t see him off when he left. A few weeks later, Mathew decided he wanted to give us another try.

The one good thing in my life that I had let go was now back in my life, and I was going to cherish every moment of it.


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