Embrace the Cliche Final Part

Fairy Tales do Come True

Eight months later in March 2009, Mat took me to California over spring break. We visited Hollywood, San Diego and went to the beach, He got me to skydive, and something I will never do again. It was one of the best weeks I had ever experienced. I knew that I had received a second chance.

For Valentine’s Day 2010, Mathew sent me a package that I was not allowed to open. I stared at the package for almost two months! I shoved it in my closet and couldn’t look at it until he arrived for the Spring Formal, the school dance.

The night of the dance, Mathew took me out to dinner. I carried the package with me everywhere but he wouldn’t let me open it. It had to be the right moment. After waiting to open it at the restaurant, he still wouldn’t let me open it. I drove to the location, feeling really antsy. I wanted to know what was in it! When I parked the car in the parking lot of Seawells he said I could open it.

I fumbled with the packaging tape. After a few minutes I finally got it open and pulled out a small 5 inch figurine of an Eiffel Tower. It was so beautiful, and I loved it.

“Thank you!” I said to him.

“I remember you had a childhood dream once,” he began. I started to feel my palms sweat. What is he doing?

“You once said you always wanted to get proposed to on top of the Eiffel Tower. I cannot take you there, but I can bring it to you.” At this moment he pulled the ring out of his pocket. “Will you marry me?”

The clichés you don’t want hear can sometimes turn out to be true. Clichés are definitely realistic. Whenever I hear one, I smile because it happened to me. It can happen to anyone.



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